The Mystery Revealed To the World

Salvation Through None Other Than Jesus


Outline of Revelation


SEALS:                  Jesus opens the seals to the great scroll revealing the Mystery

TRUMPETS:         Angels sound the trumpets to call our attention to the Mystery

THUNDERS:         It could not be told; now it can be.  The Mystery is salvation.

BOWLS:                Wrath of mankind toward God who are not willing to admit they're lost

                                Wrath of God toward mankind to force mankind to think about the Mystery.


>Chap.  4               Master Plan:  Heaven's side - God's throne room

>Chap.  5               Master Plan:  Earth's side - Some day the Son of God will descend to earth and open the seals of salvation.  So he did.  But how?

>Chap.  6               Jesus the only one able to be Prophet, Priest, King and Man:  (1) Jesus the King, (2) Jesus will conquer Satan, (3) Jesus will conquer sin, (4) Jesus will conquer Death and Hades, (5) Jesus will avenge martyrs washed in his blood, then (6) this earth will end.


>Chap.  7               Seventh Seal:  But saved of O.T. and saved of N.T. are safe in heaven!


*Chap.  8               Trumpets Review:  (1) Egypt destroyed by blood, but godly saved by blood.  (2)  Babylon a destroying mountain, Assyria drowned, but godly received a new kingdom in the mountain after the (Red) Sea.  (3) Babylon and Tyre fallen stars, but Jesus our risen star;  (4) Babylon and Assyria in darkness; godly saved after darkness of cross; (5) Hypocrite Israel destroyed by locust army, but godly saved by white army; (6) Babylon and Persia fell at the Euphrates, but a new Paradise (Garden of Eden) for the godly at heavenly river.


*Chap.  9               (   "       "  )             (5) Babylonian Captivity, (6) Release from Babylon

*Chap. 10              Stirring in Heaven before 7th Trumpet

*Chap. 11              Jesus ready to come, just as God promised

                                7th Trumpet Preview:  He will preach 3-1/2 yrs, die, and return to life

                                The Kingdom Church almost here!

*Chap. 12              7th Trumpet:  Judaism gives birth to Christianity

                                <Chap. 13              During Roman Empire, just as God promised

                                                                At the height of paganism

                                <Chap. 14              Good Jews of O.T. assured of salvation, just as God promised

                                                                Jesus' ministry

*Chap. 15              Plagues on Man:  Jesus' triumphal entry

*Chap. 16              Bowls of Wrath on Man:  Jesus' crucifixion

                                <Chap. 17              All religions of world destroyed

                                <Chap. 18              Evil at last falls.  Rejoice!

                                <Chap. 19              Good at last prevails.  Rejoice!

*Chap. 20              Jesus' death reviewed again

                                Jesus' resurrection reviewed again

*Chap. 21              The Church is the New Temple

*Chap. 22              All nations flow into it

                                Then Jesus will return

                                Come, Lord Jesus!