They’d been betrayed by God.  All of them.  Their entire life time.  Not once did God answer their prayer though they pleaded with tears.   God sent word to them that he loved them, but that was an outright lie.  God not only did not love them, he couldn’t care less what happened to them.  God probably didn’t even know they existed.  What a hypocrite.


            There was no doubt that they were being treated unfairly and their entire lives were filled with unspeakable misery.  They were slaves.  For over 400 years they’d been slaves.  Father to son to grandson….  Mother to daughter to granddaughter…. 


            One day at the end of those four centuries of wretchedness, God answered their prayer.  Oh, right!  That’s not very believable!  Why would God suddenly take an interest in these losers? 


            He had been answering the prayer of every generation.  For, although the grandson of Abraham went into Egypt with his family of 70, at the end of these four centuries, they now numbered close to five million.  So what?


            God’s purpose for these people was to make of them a great nation.  If they doubled every year, and if a generation was around 25 years among these people with such a hard life, then in 17 generations or around 425 years, they would have had 4,587,520 people in Abraham’s family.  Now they were large enough to be called a nation!  And that nation was called the Israelite nation, the nation promised to Abraham.  And that was the nation into which Jesus would be born some day to save the world.


            Yes, God had been answering their prayer every generation.   The divine assignment of those who were left in slavery their whole life was to hang on, to just survive.  Doesn’t sound like much of a life, does it?  But the most mundane life can be a life being used by God to accomplish great things that he will never know he sees God.


            So the next time you feel betrayed by God, think again.  He is already using you in some way for his grand purposes, even if you don’t believe it’s happening.  Believe it!  Be brave.  Keep on keeping on.