††††††††††† A Mr. William McPherson had lost his hands and eyes in a dynamite explosion.He found it difficult to face a world of darkness.Godís Word became extremely important to him.He wanted to read the Bible, but he couldnít read Braille with artificial hands.He tried to read the raised letters with his lips, but the dynamite had seared them until there was no feeling left in them.


††††††††††† One day he discovered that the could distinguish the letters with his tongue.As he sought to learn the Braille system, his tongue became sore and so raw it would bleed.He would stay up all night just to learn a new letter or two of the alphabet.He prayed to God for grace and help to learn.


††††††††††† Over a period of sixty-five years spent in darkness, William McPherson read the Bible through FOUR TIMES with just his tongue.